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Devil girl, the youngest girl in the world

This girl lives in Britain and is one of the strangest cases of disease in the world, and is an eccentric girl, and who sees it considered Baby Toy, and no one can know it only from the severed observed closely

Charlotte at the age of 5 years, and suffers from a rare disease, and weighing less than 400 g, and a length of 68 cm only, so it has been renamed the girl devil

Charlotte joined the children in her first day of school, the center looks exclamation from the rest of the kids, away part of her children, and the rest discernible tease her

Says the mother of the girl, it may be small, but has a ratio of intelligent such the rest of the kids, and has a heart affectionate

Charlotte was born in one of the villages, the British, and later the family discovered she was suffering disease stunting primitive, and is one of the rare diseases

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